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Stella Cruz

Meditation and Mindfulness Facilitator 

Christina DeFrance, TAY Hot Spot 

Stella has a beautiful approach to her mindfulness and 

meditation style. Her guided meditation relaxes and brings awareness to clients. She had conducted meditation classes for our students at TAY Hot Spot." 

She exudes warmth and steadiness; students feel safe and receive support in her presence. Stella's years of personal practice and training are an asset to any program lucky enough to have her in the teacher role."

Maureen Shannon-Chapple, InsightLA 

Stella is teaching us how to be mindful throughout our daily living and how to meditate. She demonstrates great compassion and leadership skills and has earned respect from members of Emotions Anonymous."

Rosa Velasquez, Emotions Anonymous

What Others Say About Stella

Stella represents the aspirations, skills, and abilities that 
support and encouragement. Her heart, passion, and

commitment to spreading the benefits of meditation and 

mindfulness are essential."

Jessica Solares, AltaMed

Stella Cruz is a Medicine Women, Energy Healer, Meditation and Mindfulness Practitioner- Facilitator-Coach, and Artist. She's a descendant of the Yaqui Nation; grew up with a desire to serve her community and abroad.  

Stella Cruz was raised by a single mother, Maria Cruz, who loved and supported seven children on her own. Stella is the second youngest, a descendant of the Yaqui Nation from her father’s side. With eight people living in a tiny two-bedroom house, she grew up very close to her family with never a dull moment. 

Medicine print to nourish inner creativity.
An invitation to f
ollow the path of Heart.


An invitation to pause, notice, and allow the breeze of the gentle petals of love and beauty to touch and soothe your heart.