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Stella Cruz


Meditation and Mindfulness Facilitator

Stella Cruz


Meditation and Mindfulness Facilitator

In 2007, while in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle, Stella witnessed the dire need for medical care.  This inspired her to establish a Health Care Cooperative with several villages, volunteers and the Peruvian American Medical Society (PAMS). She was honored in 2012 with a Humanitarian Award by PAMS. Locally, she has worked with a Federally Qualified Health Care Center for over 20 years, expanding access to health in areas fraught with multiple barriers. 

In 2011, after the passing of her mother, Stella found herself needing the nourishment of inner silence. She began by establishing a daily meditation practice: spending alone-time in the mountains, quietly observing and listening to nature; researching, reading, learning from many wise teachers; and gaining understandings on the nature of the mind and the vastness of being in the present moment. Through Insight LA, Stella participated in the MBSR program and the Facilitator of Mindfulness Practice course.


Stella believes it is essential that these practices be made available to ALL communities who want them, especially those communities who experience barriers to accessing training due to distance and/or financial challenges. Stella considers her work to her life path. She is the founder of Medicine Pathways — Aqui y Ahora Healing Arts. It is Stella desire to share meditation and mindfulness practices for persons, utilizing the traditional, innovative practices and incorporating art and nature. Her objective is to help show people who they are by guiding them inward and to the present moment, that they may find the vast beauty of their true loving nature.  Stella currently teaches classes at various locations within the community and is a guest facilitator in a Peruvian Healing Retreat Center.  

Thank you for taking the opportunity to know our meditation and mindfulness facilitator. 


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